To lovebirds with love – our lovers’ garden

The true meaning of a wedding is revealed in the word itself, which has been in use since the High Middle Ages. It’s a combination of two words: “hoch” meaning “high” and “zeit” meaning “time”, literally “high time”. It’s a celebration of love, affection, tenderness, trust, being and becoming – all the things that make a union so beautiful. For a special time on the day of the wedding, the beautiful garden of our Logenhaus creates a natural setting for the soon-to-be-wed.

The place where they exchange the small – yet infinitely significant – ‘I do’. Together with their beloved partner, in the warm company of family and friends, time passes and their souls relax. Planting a rose as a symbol of eternal togetherness. Finding motives for unforgettable snapshots. Enjoy moments of undisturbed togetherness while listening to the sound of the silvery splashing fountain. Our Garden of Love offers all of that and countless other possibilities.
After all, a wedding is a wedding.

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